French Kitchen Must Haves

french kitchen must haves, showing copper cookware
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Spring should be here in a couple of weeks (fingers crossed) and with spring cleaning in mind I have been doing some online shopping to switch things up around our house.


This past year I have really focused on a more ‘natural’ lifestyle.  With everything that happened, I spent more time at home cooking and baking and also payed attention to what products I buy.  I have been really inspired by the French traditional lifestyle of vintage, natural products. One of my newest obsessions is copper everything! I have linked above some beautiful pans and bowls.


Another thing I am trying to implement more is being more environmentally friendly.  I found this adorable compost bin that will look great on your counter and also some dish and pot brushes.  I find these brushes last longer than a scrubs and look great next to the sink.


I hope you like these picks!