Pillow Talk

  • Throw Pillow Styling Guide - Sectionals

    Styling a sectional can be difficult.  Sizing of pillows, what to do in the corner, and what colour palette do I go for are some of the many questi...
  • Throw Pillow Styling Guide - Regular Sofa

    How to style throw pillows on a regular sofa. 72- 89 inches wide
  • How to Place Throw Pillows

    Pillows on a couch are usually the last piece to finishing a room.  Every photo you see has a different arrangement: matching, even numbers odd numbers etc., making it difficult to know which will look best in your space.
    I created a little cheat sheet on some common pillow arrangements.  Which one you choose depends on the space and your personal preference. 
  • Fabric Guide

    Here is a little background to our best selling pillow fabric
  • Sectional Pillow Sizing

    How To style a Sectional Couch
  • What Type of Pillow Insert Should I get?

    This Guide will help you understand the types of Pillow inserts and what is best for you
  • Pillow Insert Guide | What Size Do I Get?

    Not sure what size of pillow insert to get for your pillow cover?  Check out our quick guide to help you.
  • Chair Pillow Sizing Guide

    What Size of Pillow To Get For a Chair