How to Choose A Colour Scheme

Colour wheel for interior design colour schemes

Not sure what colour scheme to do in your house? Find a painting, photo or wallpaper that you like.  Look at what different colours they use.  Look below to find two different types of palettes, which one is similar to the photo?


Analogous Colour Palettes

Choose a colour on the colour wheel and only work with two to three colours that sit next to it

ex. Blue to purple

Colour palettes analogous

Photo by Mark D. Sikes


Complementary Colour Palettes

Choose a colour on the colour wheel and combine it with the opposite side colour

ex. Blue - orange, yellow- purple

Complementary Colour palettes interior design

Photo via Pinterest


Once you have found your colour palette use the 60/30/10 rule. 

60% of the room will be one or two main colours ( walls, floor, furniture)

30% will be subtle similar colours (curtains, rugs)

10% of the room is the pop of colour (pictures, artwork, accessories)


If you are like me and love whites and neutrals you may have noticed this isn’t on the colour wheel.  Here is a little guidance on how to find your colour scheme for your neutral home. Any colour you add will be a large contrast, so start with something softer - think of nature; for example some potted plants and wood tones.  Then add in one of the three main colours, green, blue and brown.  I personally don’t like too much contrast in a room so I still like to add softer tones of these colours. Another tip is don’t use the same ‘blue’ in multiple accents you don’t want it to feel too matched.  It is recommended you use 7- 9 colours (shades) in your 60/30/10 colour palette.


I hope that helps! Happy Decorating!