Pillow covers are an easy way to give your home a refresh. It is also my favourite way to transitioning your home from one season to the next. There is so many different ways to style pillows.  Today I want to talk about mixed and matched pillows.
How to mix and match pillows
Below are my tips on how to master your mix and match pillows on your couch.
  1. Find a colour palette: I would recommend sticking with 2-3 different colours and shades.  Make sure each pillow has one of these colours to make it look cohesive.
  2. Patterns: Adding in a pattern to your pillow combinations adds in visual interest. There are so many options to choose from: stripe, floral, windowpane, etc. When mixing different patterns on the same couch, make sure to mix big, medium, and small scale pillows together. Larger scale pillows should go behind smaller pillows.
  3. Texture: Add in pillows with different textures and textiles.  Have fun and combine unique designs and elements! Some examples are fringe, tassels, woven materials, textured furs, etc.
Using these three tips will help your couch look perfectly mixed and matched.