Throw Pillow Sizing Guide - Armchairs

While there are multiple ways to style a couch, armchairs require less styling.  Here are some tips to help you.

What type of pillow should I buy for my armchair?

The two main styles to choose from are a square pillow and a lumbar. Which one you choose depends on your preference.  One thing I do take into consideration is the chair height.  For a higher chair I tend to use a square, and for the shorter a lumbar. 

What size of pillow do I need for my armchair?

It's all about scale.  You don’t want your pillow to look too large or too small compared to the chair.  Measure the width of the seat of the chair. From there I would recommend a pillow either the same width in inches or up to 4 inches larger.


How to style a arm chair with throw pillows

Pillows in the photo: Square, Lumbar