Throw Pillow Styling Guide - Regular Sofa

My most asked question is "what size of pillows do I need and where should I put them?"
There are multiple ways to style a couch, so in the end it comes down to your personal style.  This is our recommendation for a regular sofa, 72 - 89 inches long. Here at 4 options to help guide you.

Option 1: Minimal Modern Look

fringe pillows , modern style on couch
Two Large Square Pillows: 22x22 inch

Option 2:  The Classic Look

classic living room look
Two Large Square Pillows + Two Smaller Square Pillows
22x22 inch + 20x20 inch

Option 3: Well Layered Look

pillow placing
This look can vary, mix up pillow patterns, have them matching or all different, whatever fits your style!
Two Large Squares + One Smaller Square + One Lumbar
22x22 inch + 20x20 inch + 14x20 inch

Option 4: Classic & Centred Focused

classic living room how to style throw pillows
Two Large Squares + Two Smaller Squares + One Lumbar
22x22 inch + 20x20 inch + 14x20 inch
throw pillow styling guide couch