What Type of Pillow Insert Should I get?

What Type of Fill Should I Get for My Pillow Inserts?

When it comes to pillow inserts our favourite is Feather Down filled.  This type of fill allows for the ‘karate chop’ look you may see in interior designer photos.  If you do have allergies to feathers or don’t want a feather pillow there is alternatives of Polyester or synthetic filled pillow.


Our pillow inserts are 95% white goose feather and 5% white goose down filled.  The shell is 100% cotton and does not allow any feathers to poke through. We find this is the perfect ratio of supportive and soft.  The feather in the insert provides firmness and support.  The down in the insert is what provides the comfort and softness when you rest on the pillow.  The down is what makes pillow inserts more luxurious.  Pillows with down tend to be more expensive as they cost a lot more than feathers.  You may find 100% feather inserts at a lower cost, just know the down is what creates the luxury feel, so with a 100% feather pillow you may have feathers constantly poking out when you lay on them.