10 Kitchen Accessories You Must Have

Kitchen Must Haves

We started to make a 'different' meal every Saturday night.  I stared to buy cookbooks from all over the world and trying different dishes.  Spending more time in the kitchen I wanted to make sure it had necessary utensils and cute decor.  Below is some of my top must haves.

Farmhouse pottery utensil crock

1. Farmhouse Utensil Holder

This large crock is perfect for holding wooden spoon, spatulas, and rolling pins.  I recommend keeping it within the same colour pallet (ex. white spatulas, wood spoons). This looks like the beautiful farmhouse pottery Laurel crock but its not! At only $30 how can you go wrong with this beauty! 

dish brush and dish holder

2. Dish Brush & Plate

Until recently I usually washed my dishes with a dirty scrub that I would just leave in the sink for no one to see.  Adding this stylish addition has really made a cleaning easy.  

Linen tea towels

3. Linen Tea Towels

I only discovered my love for linen a couple of years ago.  The benefits of quick drying, fast absorption and anti-stink (wine glasses have never smelt better!).  They can really dress up a kitchen and add some colour.

Salt cellar

4. Salt Cellar

We started using Celtic Sea Salt and found it hard to grind.  Adding it to this salt cellar is a cute addition to the countertop and makes it super accessible.

Sourdough flour glass jars

5. Glass Jars

Did you jump on the sourdough train like I did?  I found adding these to my counter made it easier to quickly feed my starter.  They also look great on the counter!

linen dishcloth

6. Linen Dishcloths

Similar to linen tea towels, these linen dishcloths are a game changer.  I am trying to be cautious of my waste and found my other dishcloths would have a smell over time. Since these have an antibacterial quality say hello to long lasting dishcloths!   

flour scoop for glass jars

7. Flour Scoop

I have bought a couple of these for my glass flour jars.  I love how the look inside the jars.

salt and peper shakers

8. Salt and Pepper Shakers

These salt and pepper shakers look great on the counter.  I love having everyday items that look great sitting out.

emile henry canada bread cloche

9. Bread Cloche

This Emile Henry bread cloche is amazing for making your sourdough bread.  Not only is it effective the white colour looks amazing sitting on top of the stop when you are not using.

Mason cash lemon citrus juicer

10. Mason Cash Lemon Juicer

I have become obsessed with this whole brand.  From the bowls, juicers, to the wooden spoons they have great innovative products.


And there they are, my 10 must haves for the kitchen.